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Grand Prix

About Grand Prix Events

Pontefract Athletics Club organises a series of internal races for our members that helps have a level of competitiveness within the club against each other and against ourselves. These events are included in the club membership so you don't have to pay any extra to participate. Pontefract AC runs a series of events over multiple distances throughout the year which our members are encouraged to enter and participate in and to see how they get on. They are a good way of targeting improvement in times and performance over a distance, or for trying to finish quicker than others in your pace group. 

Athletes who take part are split into divisions based on their abilities at the 10k distance so that everyone is alongside other similar paced runners in the same group. Each race is timed and the highest finisher gets more points. The fastest finisher in each group gets 10 points, the second gets 9 points, the third gets 8 points, the fourth gets 7 points, the fifth gets 6 points and all other finishers get 5 points. Any runner who sets off but doesn't complete the event due to illness or injury on the course gets 3 points as a DNF (Did Not Finish).

Each road runner within the club, no matter how quick or not so quick have something to compete for in their division. The best 6 performances from 8 across the year for each runner will be used for calculating the total points for the year, so even if you have an off day you can still stand a chance of coming out on top.

Who is eligible to take part and win?

We are happy for 'guests' to take part if they're considering joining the club. They wouldn't be eligible for points though. The winners of each of the divisions will receive a trophy at the Club Presentation Evening. You need to be a paid-up club member to be eligible to win your league. New members will be added to the league tables as and when they compete. 

Most improved runner

In addition to the Grand Prix events, there is also a Most Improved Athlete competition. This award will be judged on performances throughout the year and awarded by the club's management committee. 

This Year's Series

2024 Grand Prix Dates and Distances

Race 1 - 4 February - 10K - Dewsbury

Race 2 - 24 March - 10K - Wakefield

Race 3 - 13 April - 5k - Pontefract parkrun

Race 4 - 19 May - 10k - Pontefract

Race 5 - 3 June - Track Mile - Dorothy Hyman Stadium

Race 6 - 22 June - 5 Miles - Darrington

Race 7 - 2 July - 5k - Methley Canal - Race 3 (Tuesday night)

Race 8 - *End of August - 5 Miles - Club Multi Terrain course from Ponte RU Club (Thursday night)

Race 9 - *September - Club Cross Country Championships at Pontefract Park

Race 10 - 13 October - Half Marathon - Hedgehog Half Marathon

Race 11 - 20 October - 10 Miles - Yorkshire 10 Mile

Race 12 - 10 November - 10K - Dalby Dash

*Date TBC

Click here for 2024 Grand Prix Results and Tables

Last Year's Series

2023 Grand Prix Dates and Distances

Race 1 - 5 February - 10K - Dewsbury

Race 2 - 12 March - 10 Miles - Thirsk

Race 3 - 15 April - 5k - Pontefract Parkrun

Race 4 - 7 May - 10k - Pontefract

Race 5 - 4 June - 10k - Grimsby

Race 6 - 24 June - 5 Miles - Darrington

Race 7 - 4 July - 5k - Methley Canal (Tuesday night)

Race 8 - 24 August - 5 Miles - Club Multi Terrain course from Ponte RU Club (Thursday night)

Race 9 - 2 to 10 September - Half Marathon

Race 10 - 17 September - Club Cross Country Championships at Pontefract Park

Race 11 - 15 October - 10k - Scarborough

Race 12 - 26 November - 10K - Doncaster

Click here for 2023 Grand Prix Results and Tables

How to book onto sessions

In 2020, we started using an App giving us much more functionality to share news about the club with members who may not be Facebook users. We believe in making ourselves accessible wherever possible.  

We are asking ALL club road runners who are members to book onto training sessions and Grand Prix events via our App. ​This is so that we can enable us all to run in small groups safely, send club information to you that is relevant to you and so that we have a record of who is present.. 

To get the full features of the App you need to download Team App onto your smartphone. It is available to use from your desktop too if you wish. Download Team App here (  ​Don't worry, the app is 100% FREE.

1. Launch Team App.

2. Sign-up to Team App. You'll be sent an email to confirm your registration.

3. Log in and then search for PAC Road Runners and request access to the PAC ROAD RUNNERS group.

If you have any questions about the App, please ask one of the run leaders

Are you interested in coming and running with us? 

Firstly, great! We look forward to hearing from you and telling you more about us. We ask that all runners who aren't members get in touch with us first so we can talk to you about your running experience, usual pace, and what you're looking for so that we can help you decide which session would be best and so that our run leaders can introduce you to similar paced runners at the sessions. 

We do a 'try before you buy' scheme where you can come along for three weeks of sessions before asking for you to apply for membership. To let us know that you are interested, please fill in the contact form here. We look forward to hearing from you.

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