Become A Member

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What you get for your membership

The membership subscription fees include £15 per year which the club must pay to England Athletics for a membership licence for each competing licence. You, in turn, get £2 discount at most road running events due to your England Athletics affiliation. See the England Athletics website for more details of this. 

You get organised sessions throughout the year arranged and coordinated by the club delivered by trained and qualified run leaders and coaches.

At times, the club will request some sessions to be delivered by experienced runners awaiting their qualification. These sessions will be planned with the club chairman in advance so that all safety considerations are addressed appropriately.

You will get access to the Members Only sections of social media. These will include a private group on Facebook – Pontefract Athletics Club - Members Only, and for the Road Runners a separate group – PAC Road Runners - Members Only.

Our app is where road runners can see all club road running events in the schedule and book into sessions in advance. The events can sync with mobile phone calendars too. You can access this app via a desktop browser too. 

Club social events will be held throughout the year. This includes the annual Presentation of Awards Night where we celebrate the achievements of the previous calendar year.

How much is membership?

Our membership year runs from 1st April to 31st March each year. Ages are as of 31st Aug.

All NEW members will be expected to buy a club vest for £15 or a club shirt for £16 on top of their membership fees.  

The prices are as follows for all NEW members.

See further down this page for prices if you are an EXISTING member. 

If you are purchasing multiple memberships for your family, you are eligible for a discount. 

The prices for NEW members are:

Seniors (Aged 20+) £34 

Juniors (11+)            £29  

Juniors (U11s)          £24  

Senior couple                 £58  

1 Snr and 2x aged 11+   £82  

1 Snr and 3x aged11+    £10

2 Snr and 1x aged 11+   £87  

2 Snr and 2x aged 11+   £111 

2 Snr and 3x aged 11+   £135 

The prices for EXISTING members are:

Seniors (Aged 20+) £32

Juniors (11+)            £27  

Juniors (U11s)          £24  

Senior couple                 £54  

1 Snr and 2x aged 11+   £76  

1 Snr and 3x aged11+    £98 

2 Snr and 1x aged 11+   £81  

2 Snr and 2x aged 11+   £103 

2 Snr and 3x aged 11+   £125 

The reason for the difference is due to our Northern Athletics affiliation fees being reduced for the previous year due to Coronavirus for all athletes over 11 years old. 

Another membership option for non-participating members

If you wish to support Pontefract Athletics Club as a non-participating member (aged 17yo+), this can be done for a one-off payment of £5. Parents of junior athletes, for example, may wish to join as non-competitive members if they wish to attend the AGM or to seek election to the club’s management committee. This isn't for those who want to participate in road running sessions but not compete in races though. 


Please note that all our athletes are encouraged to compete in competitions against other clubs.

Want to join then?

Fab, great news! We look forward to you joining us. The next steps are the admin and payment bits. 

1) Either download the application form - MS WORD version, fill it out and email it to Club Chairman Cyril Jones and send the payment via bank transfer.

2) Or download the application form - PDF version, print it out and bring it to a club session and hand it to Club Chairman Cyril Jones or to one of the run leaders, and send the payment via bank transfer. The details for payment are on the forms. 

Are you interested in coming and running with us? 

Firstly, great! We look forward to hearing from you and telling you more about us. We ask that all runners who aren't members get in touch with us first so we can talk to you about your running experience, usual pace, and what you're looking for so that we can help you decide which session would be best and so that our run leaders can introduce you to similar paced runners at the sessions. 

We do a 'try before you buy' scheme where you can come along for three weeks of sessions before asking for you to apply for membership. To let us know that you are interested, please fill in the contact form here. We look forward to hearing from you.