Road Running Coaches

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Run Leader

 Richard Lord

I joined PAC in 2017, after five years of running. I have gone from being a non-runner to having completed over 100 races, including racing in 4 different countries, and completing 5 marathons. My previous sports coaching background is really helpful in delivering training and coaching others to achieve, with a focus on inclusiveness and development. I believe in being encouraging and helping others believe in what they can achieve, be it needing to walk less on a run, aiming for a time, or keeping their focus if they have a target they’re aiming for. When runners believe, they’re more likely to achieve!

I have been a member of PAC since 2017. My greatest achievement would have to be the Rat Race Run the Wall 70 mile Ultramarathon, not just for completing this before sunset, but how it inspired others to tackle longer distances and push themselves beyond their limits And what do I bring to the table? My inner belief that once you remove the impossible you can overcome the improbable - you can achieve anything you want as long as you believe.


Run Leader

Chris Whawell


Run Leader

Christine McCarthy

I joined Pontefract AC when it was first set up in 2010. My greatest achievement was a 3.03 London marathon starting with the elite ladies with a championship place. I started running in 1983 and have been lucky enough to train along side some outstanding runners who have shared their knowledge and tips so l have gained a little bit of experience over the years that I enjoy sharing and encouraging other runners to improve.


Leader in Running Fitness

Marian Stanley

I joined PAC in 2018. When I started running four years earlier, I couldn’t even run 100 yards. Within 12 months I had completed 3x 10ks! I was never a runner at school and never saw myself as a member of a running club, let alone one of the run leaders. Since my first 10k, I have knocked over 20 minutes off my time. I provide a safe place for inexperienced runners to come and join in and hopefully get the running bug in an inclusive club which allows everyone to achieve their running potential.