Road Runners GP Calendar 2020

There were two GP events prior to lockdown and these results will stand still. The following ten rounds post-lockdown will be added to these in the league tables as before. 

Pontefract AC recognises that runners aren't able to compete in their usual number of races due to the Coronavirus pandemic and mass gathering restrictions. 

In light of this, we are changing the Grand Prix programme from June onwards so that our members have the opportunity to test themselves and to compete with fellow members in a season of internal club races, as part of a healthy and safe environment for all runners. 

  • Round One – Wed 15 July 7pm – 5k – Pontefract Park

  • Round Two – Wed 29 July 7pm – 10k - Carleton

  • Round Three – Thu 6 Aug 7pm – 10m – Ponte RU

  • Round Four – Thu 20 Aug 7pm – 5m Multi-Terrain – Ponte RU

  • Round Five – Sun 6 Sept 10am – 5k – Pontefract Park

  • Round Six – Sun 27 Sept 10am – HM - Carleton

  • Round Seven – Sun 4 Oct 10am – 10k - Carleton

  • Round Eight – Sun 18 Oct 10am – 5m - Carleton

  • Round Nine – Sun 1 Nov 10am – 10k - Carleton

  • Round Ten – Sun 15 Nov 10am – 5k – Pontefract Park


Your best 8 performances will be used when calculating your total points for the year. The scoring system is as follows:


First finisher – 10 points, Second finisher – 9 points, Third finisher – 8 points, Fourth finisher – 7 points, Fifth finisher – 6 points, Sixth finisher – 5 points, Seventh finisher – 4 points, Eighth finisher and all other finishers – 3 points.


You will need to be a paid-up club member to be eligible for winning your league. Other runners who may not have registered yet will be ‘pencilled in’ so that their scores aren’t confirmed until their payment has been received. Another incentive for membership to be paid! 😊


The league tables will appear here when they're updated shortly. 


In previous years there has been a Most Improved Athlete competition. This award will be judged this year by the active Run Leaders collectively and confirmed by the club’s management committee.